Sling Loop Ambidextrous Plate (SLAP)

$ 20.00 $ 60.00

SLAP is an acronym for Sling Loop Ambidextrous Plate. This unique product allows the shooter to transition their M-4 style weapon from their primary shoulder to his reaction side. All without unhooking their single point sling from the weapon. 


  • SLAPs are made of carbon steel. They are not cast or welded like other products on the market
  • SLAPs are water jet cut from sheets of steel
  • SLAPs are coated in a black manganese phosphate finish to match a wide variety of M4 series lower receivers
  • The integrated sling loop works well with all common attachments (HK Hooks, MASH Hooks) as well as 1" webbing
  • The SLAP is designed from the ground floor up to function as a direct locking plate replacement. It works with no alterations with both commercial and mil-spec receiver extensions. No special parts or pieces are required for installation. 
  • Is not a blatant ripoff of an existing product. You know who you are T***CO and B**TAC

The SLAP works well with all collapsible stocks designed for the M-4 platform. Certain stocks (specifically the Magpul CTR and MOE) will not be able to collapse to position "0" on the rifle receiver extension. This is a non-issue for me as I run these stocks on position 1 at all times anyway. 

 Notes on Slings & Mounts:

  • The SLAP was designed to use snap style Hooks. Other attachments that function well are MASH hooks, the EXCELLENT Blue Force Gear UWL, and Snap-Shackles.
  • Recommended slings are the Blue Force Gear UDC and Vickers VCAS, as well as the excellent Jones Tactical Single Point.